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Stoneblock Live!

BlinkFX posted Dec 7, 18

Hi all,

The StoneBlock server is live but still in testing. We may add some few things or change some mods later. To play, you simply need our launcher and no Minecraft account is needed!

You will need to allocate 6GB RAM on your launcher else you may run into some troubles, like low FPS or lag spikes!



BlinkFX Nope nothing needed, just click and play. Server in multiplayer list :d
Jace Minecraft is open and patiently waiting for that connect sign to appear :d xD!
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Fishmeistercod   Nice
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Stormraid3r   well just thought i help out a little sry i was not logged in when i donated
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BlinkFXNew Minecraft 2.0 coming soon from Hypixel and support from Riot Games! Make sure to sign up for the Beta guys!

Hytale - Announcement Trailer
For beta sign-up, screenshots, detailed articles, concept ar...
BlinkFXSorry guys power was off, server restarting now with a crash restart loop :d
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LuckyChuckie   Great xD
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